Environmental and Safety Policy

At all levels of society, we encounter sustainable development, which also, of course, represent one of the key concerns in the activities of our company.

We are aware about the impact of our industrial activities on the environment and on our employees and our thus deliberately associated responsibility. Therefore helit and its manufacturing subsidiary hpp GmbH in Falkensee commits itself notably by applying an integrated system to the environmental standard ISO 14001, energy management standard ISO 50001 and safety at work standard ISO 45001. The environmental and occupational safety policies provide the framework for the targets. From these, the specific objectives are derived and tracked in programs. It is the management’s request that all employees at helit participate in these long-term projects ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001. After examination of our industrial premises helit and hpp specified the environmental and safety policy in accordance to our French group's parent company, Maped structured as described below.

Complying with environmental and safety regulations

helit and hpp are committed to keep local, national and European environmental and occupational safety regulations. For this purpose it is necessary know about existing and newly added rules and laws, to check these on their relevance and apply them accordingly. Periodic audits and updates are taking place.

Prevention of pollution and accidents at work

in the exercise of our activities we obligate ourselves to avoid possible environmental pollution and accidents at work. Otherwise, we take preventative measures to protect our environment as well as the health and safety at work of our employees.

Commitment to continual improvement

Based on the determination of the actual state of relevant and measurable data, we define targets to continuously improve the protection of our environment and occupational safety. The actual state and the targets defined are given to all employees and visualized on the company’s bill-board.

Awareness on a large scale

helit and hpp aim to raise the awareness about its environmental and occupational safety policy, by involving all employees in the system ISO 14001 / ISO 50001 / ISO 45001 of the topic of corporate environmental protection and occupational safety. Each employee can and should make suggestions for improvement and thus actively contribute to environmental protection and occupational safety.  The helit management monitors and supports the process and provides appropriate tools to achieve the defined targets.