"the german" large waste bin 30L

  • helit waste bins are available in various colors and sizes so that the right one can be selected for every need and taste.
  • with the available additional litter inserts (with or without lid), these waste bins are ideal for waste separation
  • with surrounding handling rim
  • we recommend 35 litre waste bin liners
  • yellow
  • red
  • blue
  • brown
  • light grey
  • black
waste basket, wastebasket, dustbin, trash can, waste bin, , H61061, H6106118, H6106125, H6106134, H6106152, H6106175, H6106182, H6106195, the german
item number: H61061
color label: 18
EAN: 4012086051100
customs tariff number : 39261000
material: high quality, shockproof plastic
Ø top: 350 mm
height: 410 mm
internal top Ø: 325 mm
content volume: 30 liter

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