Sterile waste disposal

In view of the Corona crisis, it is important to minimize the risk of infection in work and everyday life.

helit catalogue 2020

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New product - sticky notes „the magnetic note“

The sticky notes „the magnetic note“ in the format DIN A4, DIN A5, 200 x 100 mm and 100 x 70 mm are made of writable plastic and hold by electrostatic charge on almost all surfaces. The sticky notes „the magnetic note“ leaves no adhesive residue and there is almost no loss of adhesion after removal, displacement or re-attachment.

New product - mobile phone stands and tablet stands

helit extends its product range with a selection of practical aluminum mobile phone stands and tablet stands for the office and at home.

Logo relaunch

We are pleased to present you our new logo. Just click on download and you will receive the data package from our image database. Here you will find the logo in variations regarding to different file formats, colour spaces and resolutions. The file “CI.pdf” in the front explains how to use the logo in detail.
If you need new new access data or another file format, please contact us.

120 years helit

helit offers solutions since 1897 that help to bring a clear structure into today’s increasingly complex office and work space environments. Since 120 years helit products and accessories are recognised worldwide for their high quality and unobtrusive aesthetics, reflecting of the company commitment to clear forms and designs.