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  • Aug 2020

    New product - desinfectant stand "the aseptic"

    The disinfectant stand „the aseptic“ offers an aid for optimal protection against germs and bacteria and is ideally suited for highly frequented...

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  • July 2020

    New product - pictogram "the badge"

    The pictogram „the badge“ with a diameter of 115 mm is made of

    stainless steel, has a black print (resistant to abrasion) and is selfadhesive.


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  • Apr 2020

    New product - hygiene shield "the guard"

    The „the guard“ hygiene shield for the checkout and counter areas protects customers and staff from droplet infections if the recommended minimum...

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  • Mar 2020

    New product - “the green” series

    Recycled plastics have a past - and a future


    In order to improve the living conditions of future generations, we are committed to a clean...

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  • Mar 2020

    Sterile waste disposal

    In view of the Corona crisis, it is important to minimize the risk of infection in work and everyday life.


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  • Mar 2020

    helit catalogue 2020

    Find out more about our entire line of products and download our current catalogue.

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  • May 2019

    New product - sticky notes „the magnetic note“

    The sticky notes „the magnetic note“ in the format DIN A4, DIN A5, 200 x 100 mm and 100 x 70 mm are made of writable plastic and hold by electrostatic...

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  • Apr 2019

    New product - mobile phone stands and tablet stands

    helit extends its product range with a selection of practical aluminum mobile phone stands and tablet stands for the office and at home.


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